Vendor Testimonial: Yvette and Craig – Balgowlah Heights

“Hugo and Luljeta were always interested, enthusiastic, reassuring and available. They kept us well informed, explained their approach, provided strong analysis, and important updates weren't restricted to business hours”

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We’d long be thinking about a tree-change, leaving our professional and corporate roles for life on the land. But, with the pressures of our careers, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and wanting to refresh our home for sale, our dream seemed months, if not years, away. 

We had met Hugo and Luljeta through some of their previous clients, so we sought Hugo’s opinion on the market, what areas the ‘refresh’ should focus on, and how we could ready our house at 2 Vista Avenue Clontarf for sale with our busy lives. 

With COVID, tradespeople were rare as hens’ teeth, but Hugo not only had great contacts and could organise the necessary trades, we would work together as a team. This was our biggest hurdle to overcome! In just two days, true to his word, Hugo came through the house with his contacts, and everything was underway the following week. It was a tremendous weight off our shoulders. We had set a very tight timeframe (it seemed impossible at the time!), but Hugo’s promise that we would work together was spot on. We could not have prepared the home for market without his support.

Despite having a knowledgeable appreciation of local real estate, our other concern was understanding where our lovely home might sit in the market. Having bought and sold many times, we’d experienced the full gamut of over and under-pricing in real estate. 

Instead, Hugo gave us informed figures based on sales and his knowledge of other housing stock. We then felt comfortable and, as the sale was to prove, his advice was on the mark. 

Hugo and Luljeta were highly regarded by others we knew who had engaged them. We found them to be good and ethical people first and foremost, and we wanted a business relationship based on trust and respect. From Hugo’s first visit, his enthusiasm and his knowledge were evident. Also, his ideas. He had a clear vision, and he proved to not just say what the client wanted to hear.

We wanted the process to be pleasant both for us and those interested in our home. We felt that our family home deserved to be respected – it was the house we had loved raising our children in. We believed it had so many desirable features that it would sell quickly. Hugo was happy to follow our preference for a private treaty sale, and we agreed on a price range. 

We received our first offer only two days after the first open house. While it was in the mid-range of our expectations, it was a genuine offer, and the home would welcome another family. So, we accepted what turned out to be a street record!

Hugo’s great help did not end there. We were strongly interested in a rural property coming up for auction. He represented us as our bidder – successfully so – only a few days after the exchange on our home.

A strong sales result is a key outcome when selling your home, but it’s also a journey and not just a destination. Hugo and Luljeta were always interested, enthusiastic, reassuring and available regarding our sale. They kept us well informed about potential buyers. They explained their approach at every step in the process and provided strong analysis. Important updates weren’t restricted to business hours, which worked so well for us as we juggled work, tradespeople and the sale process! 

We believe their boutique approach built relationships with buyers, leading to a successful outcome. Our purchasers were as delighted and excited about their new home as we were to sell. 

We are delighted to recommend Hugo and Luljeta.

Suburb: Clontarf

Sale Price: (undisclosed) STREET RECORD

Address: 2 Vista Avenue, Clontarf2 Vista Avenue, Clontarf