Area finalist 2018

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Etch Real Estate recently attended the prestigious AREA Awards of 2018. Held at Star City Casino in Sydney, the evening was riddled with star bangled dresses, tuxedos and gleaming smiles. New to the process Etch was well represented and, as finalist in the category of Innovation, we were beaming with pride and excitement.

Our nomination focused heavily on the software development which Etch has recently implemented, which allows our agency to capture relevant buyer and vendor related preferences. This then allows Etch to deliver a more refined contextual message to buyers and vendors and create a lasting memory.

The winner was announced on the evening, and while it wasn’t Etch Real Estate, the winners were well deserved.

Finalist, Game Changer of the year, Innovation:

This group Award is designed to highlight how innovation has disrupted established protocols to deliver on a business objective or solve a broader market issue. The term ‘innovation’ relates to any initiative that provides solutions for new or existing business or market needs resulting in commercial gain and/or benefit for the industry or local community.

About the AREAS:

REA Group is in a unique position to recognise and celebrate excellence in the property and media industries. Exclusive within the Australian market, the AREAs focus on recognising and celebrating the success of our customers who support every aspect of the property journey – from residential and commercial agents, to developers and home builders, home loan and property-related service providers, and media agencies.

About REA Group:

REA Group is a market-leading digital media business specialising in property. We operate Australia’s leading residential and commercial property websites, and, and we also operate numerous real estate websites in Asia and the United States.

The real estate industry has had strong growth over the last two decades, and in turn, our business has grown alongside yours. We’ve all seen and been a part of the changes in the industry and, together, will continue innovating and evolving our products, perfecting our service and working to make it easy for you to do business with us.