Vendor Testimonial: Renae and Ian Pettit- Balgowlah

"Hugo presents with authenticity and quality, and there is follow through on that, which feels like a rare trait in the real estate industry."

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We were looking around the Balgowlah area for a larger property when we met Hugo at one of his open houses. He appeared very honest and transparent and was a good conversationalist. It felt like Hugo and Luljeta had a lot of integrity in their team.

Hugo came around the following week to our unit and met my husband Ian and me. He stayed for a while and explained his selling approach, yet he didn’t put any pressure on us. For Hugo, it was more about building trust and relationships and sharing his knowledge and experience of the area.

 We were looking to move to our next property in the Balgowlah area, but as it turns out, my husband got a job in the Eastern Suburbs, which meant we needed to move over to that side.

Ian and I knew we didn’t want to deal with the agency we had bought our unit from a year and a half prior. After meeting Hugo, he made us feel very comfortable, and the trust was there.

In April, we signed an agency agreement. Hugo asked us how long we wanted to make the agreement and what the parameters should be. When we sold our property in Canberra, we had an awful experience with our real estate agent. But Hugo was different; he was very transparent in his fee structure and how he operated, and we found that highly appealing.

Hugo captured a lovely fresh perspective of our unit and played to its strengths. His strategy was to maximise the unit’s attributes, which was done very cleverly.

Unfortunately, like other properties, our unit’s value dropped between April and June, so we didn’t achieve the top price we were hoping for had we sold that little bit earlier. Hugo’s advice was sound. The indicators were that the market correction hadn’t reached its bottoming out. He explained our options and gave us space to think through what we wanted to do, all while keeping what turned out to be the successful buyer at bay for a week.

Since we’ve exchanged the contract, prices have continued to drop, so Hugo’s advice was sound. At our stage of life, that decision at the time was the right one, and Hugo’s patience and guidance were very much appreciated.

Overall, Hugo felt very real. He was very communicative and flexible, and his marketing was great. He presents with authenticity and quality, and there is follow through on that, which feels like a rare trait in the real estate industry.


Suburb: Balgowlah

Sale Price: $1,185,000

Address: 7/145 Woodland Street, Balgowlah