Vendor Testimonial: Alenush Hagopian – Chatswood West

“From day one, Hugo and Luljeta have been so helpful and always there for us. They're very trustworthy and honest. When we've had things that needed to be done on the property, it just got done. No headaches, no issues. It was fantastic."

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We met Hugo and Luljeta through Northern Suburbs Basketball Association. Both our children played basketball there, and Etch Real Estate was one of the club’s major sponsors. When my family was ready to move to Melbourne, we reached out to Hugo and Luljeta to see how they could help us.

Etch was the property manager of our house at 90 River Road Chatswood West for about two years before we sold, and I can’t tell you how happy I’ve been with them. They are amazing. They have been so helpful and always there for us from day one. They’re very trustworthy and honest. When we’ve had things that needed to be done on the property for the tenants, it just got done. No headaches, no issues. It was fantastic.

On top of all that, I never felt like it was a real estate and landlord relationship. I felt like Hugo and Luljeta were my friends, and they were helping me out. When I rang them with other issues, such as buying here in Melbourne or looking at other investments, they were always happy to answer my questions, any time of day or night. Even when we sold, Hugo was still helping me out with questions I had around buying my new place, and he had no obligation to help me at all.

Hugo and Luljeta approached us one day, saying our tenants wanted to buy our house. We weren’t thinking about selling at the time, but Hugo told us the tenant’s offer. There was a bit of back and forth as Hugo negotiated on our behalf, and in the end, it was an offer we couldn’t refuse. It all happened in two weeks, and it was so easy and seamless.

Hugo and Luljeta are very professional and always there for you. If I had any questions, I could simply ask them and know I would have the right answer given to me. There was never a delay. They are always prompt and make the whole experience – renting and buying – easy. 

What really blew us away was that even when we sold and were no longer a client, we still received a Christmas gift from them. It really put a smile on my face.



Suburb: Chatswood West

Sale Price: $2,000,000

Address: 90 River Avenue, Chatswood West