Vendor Testimonial: Craig Davis – Manly

The team our practically limitless in their tenacity and their willingness to please. If you’re tired of working with Agents and Agencies that feel lacklustre, then you should give Etch a try.

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Inheritance can be a wonderful thing; in my case it came with a pivotal decision with a true crossroads ahead. Not entirely unhappy with where I lived – given my location was Manly, one of the world’s premier beaches, I was torn with my decision. In my case familiarity had definitely bread contempt and as much as I hated the idea of moving, I was starting to get itchy feet.

It wasn’t long before I crossed paths with Hugo and Luljeta of Etch Real Estate. I’d been following their journey and even bought their waterfront listing 7 Seaforth Crescent multiple times in my day dreams. My journey was a little different however as my duplex in Manly needed cosmetic attention and lacked the key attributes I would look for in my dream home.

On the day I was intending to visit 4 Panorama Parade Seaforth I was delayed with a work obstacle and frantically phoned Hugo. To my surprise he took my call on my first attempt and also was extremely accommodating. I have a real pet peeve regarding agent engagement with buyers; I find most agents won’t pick up the phone, let alone return a phone call. It was obvious Etch was different from the get-go. Although they literally had just locked up the home, the staff at Etch organised their subsequent Open Houses to ensure I was able to meet Hugo privately and have him show me through.

By this stage 4 Panorama was the last of three homes left at Panorama Gardens. I wasn’t really looking to be part of an enclave like Panorama Gardens but from the outset the quality was evident, and the design elements really worked for me. I liked the layout and felt that the reverse floorplan, with living spaces on the top floor, captured the panoramic views across Middle Harbour in all their beauty.

I was candid with Hugo on all counts. I wasn’t ready to buy as I’d only just inherited a property which had true sentimental attachment to me. I also needed time to organise finances and would require a multitude of hurdles overcome if I was to purchase 4 Panorama.

Hugo was ingenious with his approach. I believe his professional background really came to the forefront and where other agents might have shied away from the complexity, Hugo quickly understood what it would take to allow me to purchase the remaining property at Panorama Gardens.

In exploring all my present options I had invited a local agent from Manly to value my duplex and ascertain what it would take to sell the listing; I felt the effort described was a little overwhelming, and I was quickly looking for ways to convince myself out of the journey. Hugo on the other had whipped around and appraised the home above the other agent. He also expressed a desire to make the process mutually beneficial for myself and the vendor of 4 Panorama and proposed the idea of selling my duplex to the owner of 4 Panorama which would in turn allow me to simultaneously Settle on 4 Panorama in the process.

The subsequent weeks, and months involved a great deal of effort from Etch. Taking the best interests of each of their vendors Etch set out to value each property, negotiate terms and create a transparent working environment which would allow both myself and the vendor for 4 Panorama to come together in a mutually agreeable manner.

The sheer difficulty of bringing both the parties together was, in my opinion, astronomical. It was however the most effective manner for me to purchase my dream home, and warrant the exercise. Hugo’s ability to deal with two vendors, two lawyers, and two buyers simultaneously was nothing short of impressive. It was Etch’s professional execution of the simultaneous Exchange/Settlement which has earnt my trust and respect. I have since expressed my gratitude and unconditionally shared my experience with friends and family. I’ve also taken our working relationship one step further and given Etch a property in my investment portfolio to manage. Just like the purchase of my home, the management has been nothing short of diligent, ethical and professional – far exceeding the efforts of the management agency I’d engaged to-date.

Without hesitation I would recommend Etch Real Estate and their staff. The team our practically limitless in their tenacity and their willingness to please. If you’re tired of working with Agents and Agencies that feel lacklustre, then you should give Etch a try.

Craig Davis
1/11 Laurence Street Manly
2/11 Laurence Street Manly

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