Vendor Testimonial: Peter Woodland Panorama Gardens

I’m hesitant to give praise where praise is not deserved, but in the case of Etch Real Estate, I can say with complete confidence that their strategy, effort and negotiations skills made Panorama Gardens the success it is today.

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Following the successful sale of my family home at 2 Panorama Parade Seaforth by Etch Real Estate, I once again turned to them to help stir the pot. The result they achieved on my home made headlines and I was now more confident than ever that I was in capable hands – Only nine days to sell barbecue king’s pride of the panorama.

With my eye on Etch from afar and, like many of my friends, I had chosen a more traditional path when it came to marketing my newest project named Panorama Gardens. Situated in the exclusive Northern Beaches enclave of Seaforth and designed by architect Mark Harcum the development is comprised of three torrens title homes, each with a common theme yet individual approach to their design language.

From the get-go, Hugo and Luljeta were energetic and very clever with all their guidance. Once again, Etch challenged the traditional model of industry complacency, they challenged me as the vendor to best prepare the homes for presentation and as necessary challenged the buyer to appreciate the features and benefits of the property.

Strategy was going to be key here, and given this was my third attempt at working with an Agent on the sell out of Panorama Gardens – with two highly recommended Agencies failing to bring a single acceptable offer from each of their attempts. Etch came to me with a clearly defined strategy which involved holding back one of the properties, and launching only two initially. Their thinking was so profound that they had multiple reasons for holding back the third property, including the flow of foot traffic through the properties to optimise the buyer experience.

The market was starting to turn rapidly and tensions were high. I was astounded at the feedback I was receiving and nearby sales by other agents were starting to negatively impact our sale. We had great traffic throughout the Open Days but a couple of early offers hadn’t come to fruition with an Exchange. Etch was relentless with their willingness to explore all marketing options and strategies. With a real desire to bring a great result they decided to launch the third property to create competitive tension among engaged buyers. The strategy worked!

Of the three, the first home to sell was 6 Panorama Parade Seaforth. This home sold to a buyer that was negotiating on one of the other homes but wasn’t prepared to pay the asking price. Knowing they had an ace up their sleeve with no. 6, Etch offered it to the buyer prior to the first public Open. Etch knew how to play to the strength of each property and with no. 6 it was all about the Master Bedroom. Walking the buyer straight to the bedroom, and negotiating with them at the home’s sweet spot, the sale was closed and I was once again proven right by having selected Etch.

With the first of the three homes sold, the next to go was 2a Panorama Parade Seaforth. Styled from head-to-toe Etch specifically targeted families with this property. They ensured the styling talked to the target audience and was tailored specifically to welcome families walking through the home with young children in arms. The sale took less than 10-days from the sale of the first home, and as Etch had predicted to me, the first sale would quickly lead to the second.

The third and last sale was the most intricate. 4 Panorama Parade Seaforth was my personal favourite and had been cleverly designed by my architect to encompass panoramic water views from the living spaces. But like everything in life the biggest strength can often be the biggest weakness. With its reverse floorplan (living rooms on top, and beds on the ground floor) the home met continued resistance from families. Etch was adamant that the home was not the issue but the target audience was. They specifically honed-in on what they believed to be the target audience and went to work to ensure the property was exposed to them via all social media platforms and pinpoint accurate marketing.

Etch sold all three homes in the space of 6-months in what many would go onto be described as the biggest downtown in the Sydney property market in history. Etch held their ground, stood by my decisions and defended me and my assets vigorously. Without this level of commitment from a real estate agent, there is no way that all three properties could have been sold. I’m hesitant to give praise where praise is not deserved, but in the case of Etch Real Estate, I can say with complete confidence that their strategy, effort and negotiations skills made Panorama Gardens the success it is today.

Peter Woodland
2 Panorama Parade, Seaforth
2a Panorama Parade Seaforth
4 Panorama Parade Seaforth
6 Panorama Parade Seaforth

SOLD $15,000,000 by Etch Real Estate