To Drone or Not to Drone

If you're thinking of using Drone footage in your upcoming campaign, head some timely advise from someone well versed in their use professionally.

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There was a time when real estate agents showed only a fraction of a property. Limitations in technology and photography made it difficult to showcase the extent of a home and the surrounding neighbourhood. Fortunately this is no longer the case.

Today, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones as they are more commonly known, are becoming a common site in the sky. Anyone can buy one from a local electronics or gadget store and they offer a spectacular aerial view at a relatively affordable price, making them a perfect fit for real estate agents and property marketing.

Proper Use and Licensing of Drones

While anyone can buy a drone for personal use, a license is required for commercial use by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. To ensure the drones are properly operated, privacy isn’t infringed upon, and all activity is registered in some form, this is very important. Agents also have the choice of working with a licensed operator. Etch does just this, working with Adam Krowitz – a local aerial cinematographer, well known for his work in a number of local settings.

The rules are sensible but strict, and if broken can result in hefty fines and revocation of licenses, so it’s important that the operator is well educated in the use of drone technology for the footage they capture.

The Benefits of Drone Footage for Your Property Marketing

There’s a good reason we work with a professional for our aerial footage. He knows what he is doing and has been working with this technology for years. It’s also more cost effective for the seller and allows us to tap into the full range of benefits this technology can offer.

Here are some of those pros:

  • Show Details of a Property and Its Surroundings – In the Sydney the property is only part of the appeal. The surroundings, the feel and ambiance of the streets and local amenities are all important – drone footage makes it possible to show all of this together.
  • Engages the Buyer and Attracts More Viewers – Buyers will be better engaged with the property listing and more likely to linger and review it further because of the visually stimulating footage.
  • It’s a Cost Effective Marketing Tool – Drone footage is an affordable marketing opportunity. Because we work with a licensed operator the cost is directly related to the footage taken – a perfect way to provide a high valuable asset at an affordable cost.
  • Creates Web-Friendly Video Footage – When promoting properties online, video footage is important. This is a very web-friendly marketing tactic.

There are cons to using drone footage as well, of course. The risk of angering neighbours by inadvertently capturing them on camera is very real and security risks are a frequent concern.

There is a reason that regulations are so strict, stating that drones stay at least 30 metres away from all people, at heights of at least 122 metres, and in sight of your self at all times. But even with these restrictions, the privacy concerns become very real.

Will Aerial Footage Work for Your Property?

If you are selling a property in a high demand neighbourhood or if the surroundings are a big part of that property’s appeal, then drone footage will be an effective marketing tool for your efforts.

The key is to ensure it is comprehensive, legally obtained, and effectively marketed by a real estate agent once completed. If so, drone footage can be a powerful marketing tool for your sale.

Ultimately I believe the results speak volumes. At Etch we not only create Drone footage for splicing into our marketing videos, but we create drone specific footage for Instagram and Facebook. Below are three videos, of the same campaign, but utilised in three very different yet powerful ways.

FaceBook specific Drone footage: 10/60 North Steyne Manly

Marketing Campaign Drone Footage spliced: 10/60 North Steyne Manly

Instagram Specific Drone Footage: 10/60 North Steyne