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On the South Head peninsula between Sydney Harbour and the Tasman Sea is Vaucluse.

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about Vaucluse

On the South Head peninsula between Sydney Harbour and the Tasman Sea is Vaucluse. Just 8km northeast of the Sydney CBD, Vaucluse has a beautiful view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and close proximity to Rose Bay, Dover Heights and Watsons Bay in all directions. The area was first developed in the 18th century when a Signal Station was established, very close to where Macquarie Lighthouse now sits. The area was home to several famous structures including the Vaucluse House, originally built in the early 19th century.

As a primarily residential suburb, Vaucluse was long the most affluent suburb in Sydney. Today it remains among the top five most expensive suburbs in the region with home prices that have increased dramatically during the recent boom. The Hawaiian style Tahiti, set above Hermit Bay, sold for $29 million in 2007 and several other estates in the area are considered equally desirable.

Amenities of the Vaucluse Neighbourhood

Vaucluse is home to a number of prominent landmarks including Macquarie Lighthouse, the South Head Cemetery and the Signal Hill Battery, a remnant from early military fortifications. Other famous homes include the Strickland House, The Hermitage, and the family plots of famous Australians including the Fairfaxes and the Packers.

The area is served by the Vaucluse Public School and is nearby to several other famous private institutions including Kincoppal-Rose Bay, a Catholic independent school established in the 19th century.

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