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With one of the most picturesque views in Sydney, Rose Bay is a suburb in high demand.

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about Rose Bay

With one of the most picturesque views in Sydney, Rose Bay is a suburb in high demand. Located just 7km east of Sydney’s CBD, Rose Bay is abutted on the west by Lyne Park and Sydney Harbour and just to the south of Port Jackson and Shark Island. With perfect views of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, it offers the best of Sydney’s breathtaking views with the quiet, relaxed atmosphere of a smaller community.

Named after George Rose and used as early as 1788, the area has been active with naval activity for several decades. It was especially active during World War I when sailors were trained here. It was also where many soldiers were repatriated following World War II. Its long history means there are several registered structures in Rose Bay include Rose Bay Cottage, built in 1834 by John Verge for James Holt, as well as Fernleigh Castle, built in 1892.

Amenities in the Rose Bay Neighbourhood

Rose Bay is home to a number of beautiful buildings, including Kambala – an independent school established in 1887 – and Kincoppal Rose Bay – established in 1882. Public schools include Rose Bay Secondary College and Rose Bay Public School. The Rose Bay ferry wharf is very active as well, providing service for individuals to the Eastern Suburbs ferry services. Buses to the Sydney CBD and toward Watsons Bay are also offered and Seaplanes still operate out of the bay for scenic tours of the region.

There are two golf courses in Rose Bay, as well as several associations throughout the region. With only 2,000 residents, the region isn’t densely populated and homes tend to be larger estates with quiet surroundings.

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