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Double Bay is located just 4km east of the Sydney CBD and takes its name from Sydney Harbour's bay where Point Piper and Darling Point...

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about Double Bay

Double Bay is located just 4km east of the Sydney CBD and takes its name from Sydney Harbour’s bay where Point Piper and Darling Point converge. The area of Double Bay was first established shortly after settlement in 1788 when it was used by nearby fishermen. The area developed with farming communities and later working class communities through the mid-20th century when it started to develop as a more affluent neighbourhood.

Today, Double Bay is the most expensive suburb of Sydney and has some of the most expensive real estate in Australia as a whole. With just 4,687 residents as of 2011, it is a small community made up almost entirely of professionals, managers, and administrative workers.

Amenities of the Double Bay Neighbourhood

Double Bay has a main commercial strip that runs along surrounding streets including Cross Street, Knox Street, Bay Street, and New South Head Road. Along this strip are hotels, shopping centres, restaurants, a supermarket, and several well known coffee shops. Transportation is available via the Eastern Suburbs ferry services on the Double Bay ferry wharf. There are also bus services to Bondi Junction, the Sydney CBD, and Watson’s Bay.

Home to several heritage listed properties such as the Gladswood House, and with the Steyne Park war memorial, the region offers a number of beautiful sights alongside expansive estates and luxury shopping.

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