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When it came to sorting accommodation for Rita Ora, in what would be her longest out-of-country career stint, Rita turned exclusively to Luljeta Ortega of Etch Real Estate due to her expertise in the luxury property market in Sydney. The collaboration was so successful that Rita was invited to join Etch as global brand ambassador, a tenure which Rita immediately accepted and embraced through her 21,000,000 strong social media fanbase.

Working with celebrities is something Luljeta of Northern Beaches based boutique agency Etch Real Estate is very familiar with. Blessed to have been born in Kosovo her peers from school went on to become Oscar Nominated, Prime Ministers and global singing sensations to name a few. The latest celebrity to turn to Luljeta is global pop icon Rita Ora, the newest international guest judge to join the upcoming Channel 7 series of The Voice Australia.

“It was Rita’s father that phoned me to ask if I could assist Rita and crew with her upcoming trip to Australia, highlighting that he wanted her in the best hands for the stay. Without hesitation I said yes and put our team to work”, says Luljeta. “I manage many A-list clients but this particular request was extra special as Rita is from my hometown of Kosovo, I was overwhelmed with joy and excitement to assist.”

“The brief was extensive and focused heavily on privacy given Rita’s global appeal and relentless hounding by paparazzi”, says Luljeta. From the outset Luljeta and team turned to the Northern Beaches, where Etch Real Estate was founded, and quickly showcased homes in Seaforth and Clontarf. The search expanded to waterfronts in Mosman and included ultra-luxury mansions across the Eastern Suburbs, a hotspot where celebrities often find themselves most comfortable.

“When Rita turned to me for assistance, I had the perfect database of homes at my fingertips”, says Luljeta. “With vast selling experience across Sydney’s most elite suburbs I was quickly able to source homes for Rita and meet the brief.”

Visits were conducted month’s ahead of Rita’s arrival. Communication on the WhatsApp chat group was flooded with footage of master bedroom suites, poolside privacy and walkthrough after walkthrough. “We all know celebrities enjoy a good selfie, so we ensured the list included lots of social media worthy features too”, says Luljeta.

“Rita was so sweet with the selection process. The search wasn’t all about the luxury, it was also about the intimacy of the spaces, the homeliness and comfort when entertaining with friends”. After reviewing Rita’s needs, we took her head of security to the perfect home in the ultra-exclusive harbourside enclave of Mosman, where Rita would setup her home for the months of shooting ahead.

“Towards the tail end of Rita’s commitment with The Voice Australia, Rita reached out to me to extend her stay”, says Luljeta. “She wanted to be closer to friends in Vaucluse and given ours homes on the Eastern Suburbs are among some of the country’s most exclusive, the one we selected gave Rita gun barrel views of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge”, says Luljeta. “On handover Rita was overwhelmed with our selection and gave me a huge hug and just kept saying oh my God, you guys are so awesome!”

“Thank you sooo much to the legends @etchrealestate for finding me the most beautiful houses and accommodation and making me feel at home while in Sydney!! Some pics of me enjoying my Sydney time❤️☀️✨ #proudambassador”, Rita Ora

Of her time with Etch, Rita warmly stated, “Thank you sooo much to the legends @etchrealestate for finding me the most beautiful houses and accommodation and making me feel at home while in Sydney!! Some pics of me enjoying my Sydney time ❤️☀️✨ #proudambassador” posting to her 16,000,000 strong followers on Instagram and 5,000,000 plus on facebook. Proud of her role as Etch Real Estate brand Ambassador Rita posted an array of photos from her stay and looks forward to her next visit to Australia where she vowed to continue her role with Etch and her ongoing partnership.

What does the future hold for Etch Real Estate?

“Covid has shifted the world into a different paradigm. Quality of life has become more important than ever and when it comes to lifestyle, Australia keeps coming out on top. We have been inundated with enquiries from celebrities and international guests looking to purchase real estate in Sydney. It is widely reported in the media that Sydney has fared among the very best cities in the world through the COVID-19 pandemic and we can’t see this changing any time soon. We are experiencing a boom right now in Sydney and prices are rising fast. Etch Real Estate is well positioned to embrace the increase in demand and cater to the growing number of buyers looking to purchase real estate in Sydney”, says Etch founder Luljeta Ortega. “We are opening a new office, increasing our staff numbers and with Rita’s ambassadorship we’re ready to embrace what the future holds.”