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Graeme Reid, CEO of Norths Basketball inked the deal with Hugo Ortega, CEO of Etch Real Estate. The agreement will see a multi-year commitment to support the Northern Suburbs Basketball Association.

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On Friday the 1st of September Graeme Reid, CEO of Norths Basketball inked the deal with Hugo Ortega, CEO and Luljeta Ortega, CFO of Etch Real Estate. The agreement will see a multi-year commitment by Etch Real Estate to support the Northern Suburbs Basketball Association moving forward.

Straight off the bat Etch has provided marketing resources, crucial funds and opened conversations internally to channel their energies efficiently within the Association. As a community based not for profit sporting association Norths Basketball has welcomed the input and looks forward to enhancing their position within Basketball NSW (the governing body of basketball in the State) and beyond.

Hugo Ortega the CEO of Etch brings years of experience as both a player and coach at the Representive level and Club level in the NSW Metro League and is excited to now contribute as Premier Sponsor. Hugo and Luljeta, as husband and wife team, enjoy supporting two of their children in the U18 men’s and the U12 girl’s representative program at Norths Basketball. They are proud of their children and both passionate fans of Norths Basketball, with Ortega stating:

“This is going to be such a fantastic collaboration. We’ve been selected as the Premier Sponsor of Norths Basketball and from the CEO, Graeme Reid, all the way to John Quilter, were so excited to be nominated and run with this for the next few years. Amber, my daughter and Leon, my son, have been playing now at Norths for quite some time and we’re just so excited to be a part of the association. I coach at the club level, I’ve coached at the representative level and Norths is so special to us. It’s such a family oriented atmosphere.”

Graeme Reid commented that the synergies between Norths and Etch formed the basis of a great collaboration ahead. Both parties are excited to work towards the best possible future for the club and grow the Norths Family experience together. Reid stated,

“We selected Etch from a large pool of potential candidates based on their work ethic and passion for he club. We feel Etch will support Norths Basketball well over the coming years and be proactive in their interaction with the club. We look forward to building a strong relationship with Etch which will help benefit our rep. programs and members over the coming years.”

As part of Etch Real Estate’s first duty as Premier Sponsor of Norths Basketball the association recently held their annual Representative Presentations. The event was held at the Waverton Bowling Club and attended by hundreds of friends and family. Etch CEO, Hugo Ortega opened proceedings and welcomed everyone to the evening exclaiming that he was taken back by the support from everyone in the association. Photos of the evening have been posted on the Norths Basketball FaceBook Fan Page and are a testemant to familiy oriented atmosphere found throughout the club.


Northern Suburbs Basketball Association Inc (NSBA) is a community based not for profit sporting association with a North Shore history extending over twenty years. NSBA has grown from a small group of interested basketball players in the early 1980s to a champion Association with over 6,000 registered playing members and a professional management team.

The Association’s strategic direction is provided by a volunteer Board of Directors, comprising President, Vice President, Finance Director and three other position – all serving two year terms and elected by the members. NSBA forms an important part of the broader Crows Nest community, bringing approximately 9,000 people to the Association every week.