Crinitis Manly Beach Italian Restaurant

Crinitis Manly is one of my family's favourite restaurants in Manly, and for good reason. People like Caesar – the manager of the restaurant...

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Crinitis Manly is one of my family’s favourite restaurants in Manly, and for good reason. People like Caesar – the manager of the restaurant – make it an absolutely unforgettable experience, whether it’s a family meal out or a big event for a family member’s birthday (as my family enjoyed recently).

In this episode of Etch TV, I talk with Caesar about what makes Crinitis special, starting with the spectacular food. From the homemade Mama Rosa meatballs that are homemade every morning based on a recipe by the owner’s mother. While the Manly location is but one of many throughout Australia, it feels like a home style restaurant – one that has the loving attention of its manager and staff.

It’s the type of place that can have a one metre pizza challenge – one that the manager, Caesar, has been able to complete himself. If you manage to finish the pizza within one hour (by yourself of course), you win a year’s worth of free food. For those eager to savour their food, there are plenty of wonderful options on the menu – pizza, pasta, burgers, and other unique treats that ensure there’s something for everyone.

In particular, if you visit, be sure to check out the desert bar where chef’s craft gelato, patisserie, fruit tarts, and other goods every day fresh. There is no dessert menu because it’s all made that day – whatever the chef feels would be a good fit for the day!

While Crinitis may have launched only two years ago, it has quickly become a favourite in my family and in the community thanks to first-name basis greetings, home style meals, and a dedication to ambiance and customer service. Check out their website to see the menu and select a time to visit.